We work in order to earn money for a living. We have no option but to do this in order to survive in this world. You may work for your own business or under somebody else for an external organization not of yours. Many people fall into the latter category. So we all find employment anywhere in the world so as to earn a decent income. Failure to do so may results disastrously and leave us feeling highly demotivated and depressed. Employers treat employees in various ways. Employees also see it from different points of view no matter how they are treated. This is normal human nature. So we cannot judge something or someone just by looking at it from one side. A 360 degree view is the best observation. Organization introduce many kinds of employee recognition awards in order to motivate staff to perform well in their respective departments as well as for the overall entity. This can be in many forms such as monetary benefits, gift items, tours etc. High profit organizations may utilize all these methods to keep the employee turnover rate at a minimum.The more staff change, the poorer the company status goes as it they who keep it running. Your company is as best as its employees. So you need to keep them with you to keep the business running as intended. This also directly affects the growth of the business. If you do not treat the people working under you appropriately, you will not get the desired outcome from them.

Social recognition is a topic which comes under discussion amongst many employers. They strive to keep the staff in hand in order to keep the business growing. One of the main ways to do this is to introduce many types of schemed which provide monetary benefits to people working internally. This holds them on to the same place as there is something to look forward to. The board of directors and management should come to a conclusion as to how to do this and the way to implement such programs. They should keep the best interest of the staff in heart. This way the higher authority of the company will be in the right track to recognize and reward them.We all expect something in return to what we do in any matter. So why should it differ from your work place? Rally around and protect your colleagues while taking your workplace higher up the ladder. The return will be for you and your team.