ue boom replacement battery

It is a must for all music lovers to have speakers that are portable, can be connected through both wires and wireless connections such as Bluetooth and are of course loud. If you are looking for a speaker with all the aforementioned qualities and many more, then UE Boom are the speakers for you. These speakers are ideal in case you love hosting parties at your place, whether indoors or outdoors. They are sleek and stylish along with having a long lasting battery. And ever since their inception in the year 2013, they have become a favorite among music lovers across the globe.

Additional features of the UE Boom

These speakers have a shape of a cylinder and are approximately seven inches in length and about three in width. They are light weight and hence can be easily carried around in a backpack as if you are carrying a beverage. These speakers are safe to use even around children as they have an outer layer of rubber such that it becomes resistant to water and stains. Those who want speakers in colors other than the black, these speakers are the one for you, as it is available in other colors as well. These are durable speakers, but like all devices that operate on batteries; these too would over time require UE Boom battery replacement. An additional feature is that it also has an inbuilt alarm in it; you can even use these in pairs or separately to play the same music.

UE Boom Battery replacement

Although you can shop for new batteries of your speakers from any nearby store, but one thing that you will not be guaranteed is the quality and originality of these batteries. And if you are looking for these qualities, then you must shop from Battery Expert in Australia. They have the best in town batteries for numerous devices such as laptops, mobile phones, speaker sand much more. The batteries to look at if you want UE boom battery replacement cost about sixty and ninety dollars respectively, but if you shop from Battery Expert, they will be available at the price of about thirty dollars and fifty dollars, at nearly half the price!

The process of a UE Boom battery replacement is not a simple one, but if you have any know how about replacing batteries, then you are good to go. In case you don’t know how to do it, here is all you need to do. For UE Boom battery replacement, you will need to take out your tool kit as you will be required to unscrew and later screw back after you have replaced the battery. Start with opening the speaker at the bottom by rotating it and then taking off the rubber part. Then with the help of your tool kit, unscrew the screws and remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. Next step is about screwing it back and closing the speaker just as you opened it.