Among all the living organisms existing in the world only humans have the knowledge of emotions and expression of feelings. They organize events on important occasions of their lives .Marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, death anniversaries, business inaugurations and corporate launch are some of types of events organized by people. Organizing an event requires lot of hard work and time. Nowadays event management companies are available for handling the major events. They provide required things for the event and organize the event according to the likes of the customer. Managing an event depends on the type of event .Family events are different from the corporate events and educational events. Family events are an informal which consists of relatives and family. Companies celebrate corporate events on important occasions for the company and everything is formal in the event. Educational eventsconsist of educational concepts, presentations and quiz to improve the knowledge of students.Every event has an event manager to organize the event. They organize the event based on the number of people attending. Event organization companies handle all the material required for the occasion. Corporate occasions need space for presentation, computers and auditorium. Many companies provide portable lecterns for sale for salewhich can be shifted from one event to another. Reusing the materials brings profit to the event organization company and sometimes the place and material are available with the customers who request event management. 

The family functions like marriages and birthday parties require a big place. Many function halls and hotels are providing space required on rent for the occasion.It is the responsibility of the event manager to engage the guests in the events. They conduct games, group activities and quiz for the participants. They take the help of the props, nice cork boards, balls and balloons to conduct games. Some organizations conduct events for a cause, sport, and fair or to promote a product related to business and such events handle mainly marketing of their cause. Charitable organizations conduct such events and market their cause. They donate all the money acquires through event for their cause.

Many colleges nowadays offer courses on event management. People can join either short term or long term degree courses on event management. Nowadays they are even using technology for promoting their event management company. Every event requires coverage of all whole occasion and they cover the event with the help of video cams, mobile and even drones. Software tools are available for the event managers to plan the whole event without errors. Every point is updated in the software tool and sent to the customer so that no miscommunication happens with the people. On completion of every point of requirement notifications are sent to the customer to update the progress on the process.