Storage units are a firm fixture that offers a secure place to keep things. And at the present time there are a number of storage units available in different color, design, shape and size. Moreover, the users at the present time, buyers even have the option to go for the customization storage units. The sellers are offering the facility of customization to the people more opportunities to be tailored to the use and clientele of a particular facility. Meanwhile, the expectations of buyers have also increased from a locker and they need more and more features in it. Therefore, regardless of the making material, at the present time the manufacturers are designing the storage units with all the latest and important features. Here are storage units of different types according to the making material.

  • Metal storage unitsThis is one of the most common materials used in the locker and it is popularly known for its durability, sturdy nature and security. The strength of metal along with low initial cost of manufacturing has made this material the most popular not only in some counted number of countries, but it is popular across the world. In organizations the staff lockers are made up of metal only. However, in spite of its economic benefits, the metal storage units have a big drawback and that is it requires more maintenance.
  • Plastic storage spacesThe storage units made up of plastic material often remains cheaper, because of the less maintenance cost. This is the best option for those who need storage units at low cost. Another factor that makes the plastic storage unit a choice for many is its low maintenance. It also comes in a large range of colors. This is an apt choice for the home storage units.
  • Phenolic closetsPhenolic is also called as P-Lam or MDF, it is a hard and dense material, this is material which is resistant to corrosion, and it is waterproof. The storage unit made up of this material comes in many looks, finishes and colors including the natural wooden look.
  • Wood closetsThis is another very popular material used for the making of the storage units. Storage units made up of wooden material are used in many places like school lockers, gym lockers, sport locker and even the lockers present at the workplaces are made up of wood material. In addition to offering the warm appearance of the placed place, the wood has the natural strength, high durability and resistance to corrosion. Moreover, the option of customization is also there in the storage units made of wood.